Clock Towers, Clock Restoration, Outdoor Clocks, Cupolas and Dovecotes in the UK.

Our company is founded on over 20 years experience in the manufacture of clock towers, including clock restoration and other outdoor clocks in both residential and commercial projects.

Our standard range of clock towers and vented cupolas are designed to suit stables, barns, garages, pavillions and sports clubs. We can also manufacture bespoke clock towers, GRP vent units and outdoor clocks, as well as undertaking clock restoration and electrification projects on clocks, towers and bell installations which have fallen into disrepair.
We manufacture our own fibreglass products, clock motors and electronics in order to provide a fully integrated product.

Our website is designed to provide clear straightforward information for residential clients whilst offering additional more comprehnesive information for architects and construction companies, where we provide specification datasheets, 3D Visuals and online CAD drawings.

If you require any assistance or would like to discuss a particular project in more detail, please contact us.

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Clock Towers Clock Dials Weathervanes Controllers & Bell Chimes
Clock towers in various sizes for stables, garage blocks, barns, sports pavillions and clubhouses. External clocks for wall or gable end mounting, in a range of colours and designs, with optional personalisation. Our range of standard or bespoke weathervanes can be supplied as verdigris, polished copper, gold leaf or powder coated in any colour. We produce a range of clock controllers and bell chimes including GPS options and digital chime systems.

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